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Sound can restore our spatial awareness and connect the listener to the environment. Our relationship with sound reflects our reality and understanding of the self as we are exposed to sound constantly. The vibrational forces of sound are emitted from the movement or vibration of all matter. These sounds are both audible and inaudible to the human senses. Regardless of our capacity to hear or feel sound waves, they manifest as cause and effect, not only to us as human beings but also to the wider world around us. Sound waves wash over us at every second of every minute, and hour of every day and continue to vibrate endlessly. Even now, as you read this text, your ears are working as radars. All acoustical signals around you provide information. Maybe you can hear the humming of an a/c system, passing cars, or voices outside of your present location. It could be the sound of falling rain, birds singing, or anything else. Most likely you perceive these sounds passively and do not even pay attention to the audible background if it doesn't carry any information that is essential to you. However, if suddenly, somewhere in the near proximity, you register a loud thump, cracking wood, or anything unusual, your consciousness will shift from passive hearing to active listening. In the silent pause after the surprising sound, you will experience a moment of full alertness. Both naturally programmed as well as learned associations with acoustical signals evoke a response from our psychological, mental, emotional and physical functioning.


Typically, we spend our days in our heads, being heavily involved with thoughts and judgments. For many of us, the field of our psychic energy is limited to a small rectangular screen. In this practice we are withdrawing most of our senses and shifting our focus to the sounds that surround us. For any positive shift to happen, a person who is seeking help needs to be cognitively and physically involved in active listening to be fully present to the sound. One should give themselves grace and be free of self judgments in order to let the sound in and listen consciously. When we listen consciously, we shift our focus from habitual patterns, trauma, and pain to the sound - the vibrational frequencies that surround us. Just by shifting our focus from external stimuli as well as our inner dialogue to sonic stimulus, we begin to expand our consciousness.


What to expect when you book a session?

Your experience begins with you making yourself comfortable, whether that be seated or lying down in a comfortable position. I invite you to bring a pillow, blanket and an eye mask or whatever items that would bring you comfort. After a few minutes of guided focus on the breath, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies.

Our bodies are made of approximately 70% water, thus the vibrational frequencies generated by sound enter our physical being to a molecular level and cause vibrational shifts. We may feel the sound in different manifestations from vibrations, tingling, temperature fluctuations, pulses, etc. The sound vibrations penetrate deep into the tissue. This improves blood circulation and metabolism, regulates muscle tension and deeply stimulates the tissue. Moreover, regeneration and repair mechanisms are stimulated. The oscillation, or resonance, of molecules, triggered by the sound vibrations cause alternating compression and relaxation of cells. It is, in effect, a form of massage at a cellular level deep within the tissue undergoing the treatment. Everyone's experience is different, and new things may emerge in each sound therapy session. Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful during sound healing, whereas some have visualizations, receive downloads, or even have emotional breakthroughs.

Sound healing is both activating and relaxing. In some cases, it is possible to feel pressure, pain, increased uneasiness or restlessness during a sound healing session. These areas affected are generally vibrating at a much lower frequency than the frequencies being emitted through the sound healing instruments and thus are being stimulated into alignment with the higher frequencies which can be cause for some discomfort. Should this arise during your session please feel free to adjust yourself accordingly with the understanding that the discomfort will pass. 

What are the benefits of a Sound Bath?

Sound Healing is used to alleviate symptoms caused by many conditions, including anxiety, PTSD, dementia, cancer, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, and much more. It also helps lower stress, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and the risk of heart conditions such as artery disease and stroke, whilst improving sleep quality and overall well being. Deep relaxation is the most significant benefit of sound healing, followed by its energetic deep tissue massage effect caused by the sound vibrations that open, clear, and balance the chakras, whilst releasing stuck energy. Ultimately, sound therapy supports our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, leaving us feeling balanced and refreshed.

Sound Healing Contraindications

Pregnant women are advised to be cautious when participating in any form of sound healing, especially during the first 12 weeks, by avoiding sound instruments being placed on the body, and anyone with serious mental health issues should always consult their doctor before receiving sound therapy. In case of any prior nerve damage, avoid sound healing, and do not place any instruments near open wounds or scars that are not yet healed.


Those with sound-induced epilepsy should always consult their doctor to ensure they receive the best anti-epileptic medication and are in no danger of seizures caused by healing sounds vibrations. For people with an implanted medical device, metal implants, heart pacemaker, stent, or shunt should always consult their doctor prior to seeking service. 

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