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Group Sound Bath at Resilient Soul Wellness

Join us for an evening of deep relaxation and profound transformation as we embark on a sacred journey ...

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1 hr



Family Yoga

Join us for a blissful bonding experience at our Parent and Child Yoga class! Designed for parents and their children aged 4+, this class offers a unique opportunity for families to practice yoga together. Parents can nurture their own well-being while caring for their little ones. The cost includes one parent and up to two children. Additional parents or adults are welcome for an additional fee.

Due to limited space, tickets are nonrefundable.

Time: 12 - 1PM

Investment: $25
Reserve Your Spot Today!

Gentle Yin & Sound Bath Meditation

This beautifully curated experience blends the calming rejuvenation of a Yin Yoga practice with a sound bath. Harmonize your mind, body, and spirit in a peaceful haven of gentle yoga and soothing sound vibrations. Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience that nurtures your well-being and sets the stage for intentional living.


Gentle Yin Yoga Session:
Let go of tension and flow into the present moment with a gentle yin yoga session. We'll explore mindful movements and restorative stretches designed to relax the body and facilitate inner harmony. Release the stresses of the past and make room for the promise of a new beginning.


Soulful Sound Bath:
Allow the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls and other instruments to wash over you, creating a symphony of tranquility. The resonant frequencies will guide you into a deep state of relaxation, promoting healing and clarity. Let the vibrations dissolve any obstacles, making space for your intentions to take root.


Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.


Time: 1PM-2:30PM

Investment: $40
Reserve Your Spot Today!

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Alchemy of Sound

Embark on a transformative sound journey of healing and relaxation with Sound Healer Micaela Deegan. Immerse yourself in the soothing resonance of crystal sound bowls, singing pyramids, Tibetan sound bowls, & a variety of other instruments. Micaela skillfully weaves these diverse sounds and instruments into a harmonious symphony, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the energies of healing & serenity.


Benefits of Sound Bath Therapy:
Deep relaxation and stress relief
Release of physical and emotional blockages
Enhanced clarity and focus
Heightened creativity and intuition
Restoration of energy flow and chakra alignment
Inner peace and a sense of well-being


This event is suitable for all experience levels, whether you're a seasoned sound bath enthusiast or new to the practice. Simply come with an open heart and a willingness to receive the transformative benefits of sound.


What to Bring:
Comfortable clothing, A yoga mat, A blanket to stay cozy, A pillow and other desired items to help you achieve optimal relaxation


Allow this sound bath guide you to a state of profound inner harmony.


Time: 6PM-7:15PM

Investment: $33

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